Pain Relief in Labour? There’s an app for that!

At New Leaf Acupuncture, Dublin, we love introducing our mums-to-be to the ‘Natural Pain Relief in Labour’ acupressure points. As well as reducing pain, they promote a more efficient labour and reduce the likelihood of an induction being needed.

How good is that? Less pain AND less time in labour.

Now Debra Betts, the foremost expert in acupuncture for pregnancy and […]

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    Get Rid Of Your Anxiety For Once And For All : The Secret of Food, Acupuncture and Breathing

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Get Rid Of Your Anxiety For Once And For All : The Secret of Food, Acupuncture and Breathing

How Anxiety is Eased by Acupuncture and Natural Techniques
At New Leaf Acupuncture in Dublin, I estimate 60-70% of all visits are for stress-related issues – ranging from back pain to infertility and insomnia.

So what’s going on?

As our broadband speeds up and our phones get smarter, life can become fast, full and demanding. Without adequate downtime, anxiety is the body’s […]

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    Gary Barlow’s Secret to Health and Weight Loss? Weekly Acupuncture

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Gary Barlow’s Secret to Health and Weight Loss? Weekly Acupuncture

Take That star Gary Barlow has reveals how he lost weight and got himself into better shape.

”I eat well, do an acupuncture session a week and I try to sleep well and do things to aid good sleep.

”I don’t eat sugar, I don’t eat fried foods and I stay away from McDonald’s and chips and things like that.”

Barlow added: […]

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Top Tips for Happy Hormones

Top Tips for Happy Hormones
At New Leaf Acupuncture Dublin, I am working more and more with people to balance their hormones in a natural way. That is, through a healthy diet of traditional food, with food supplements and by offering lifestyle advice.

Here I’ve put together my Top 9 Tips for Happy Hormones.

But first, let’s look at the common symptoms […]

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Treating The Problem – Not The Symptoms

Picture this:  A person goes to see their family doctor for a pain syndrome.  The doctor tells the patient that early pain is a warning sign but that significant pain warrants taking an analgesic to kill it. Unfortunately we all too quickly accept this as good advice.

If the same patient were to relay this story to their acupuncturist, the […]

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Some Tips For The Best IVF Experience

Some Tips For The Best IVF Experience: More couples than ever before are finding challenges in the path to conception. For most of these couples, the potential benefits of IVF fertility treatment far outweigh any ordeals that the treatment may present.

But that doesn’t mean that IVF is easy. Particularly for the female partner, who absorbs the physical impact of this […]

Stressed? Take a Break to Read This


There are fun and easy things you can do to de-stress during your lunch-time.
Tens of thousands of people experience stress every year, very often work-related. So, now might be a good time to check . . . when was the last time you took a proper lunch break? That is, a break without being interrupted by your phone or […]

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Tips for a Happy, Heathy Menopause

Tips for a Happy, Heathy Menopause
The menopause gets rather a rough press in our society as we don’t usually value age and experience the way they do in Eastern cultures.

There are many things you can do for your health to ensure that the menopause is embraced rather than dreaded. Why not try a few of the health tips below […]

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Six Tips to Reduce Hay Fever Symptoms

Six tips to reduce hay fever symptoms
The sun is coming out and the temperature’s rising – but, unfortunately, so is the pollen count. Which means that as we try to make the most of the spring weather, the hay fever sufferers amongst us will be having a difficult time.

For the 1 in 5 people in Ireland who will suffer […]

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New clinic open . . .

Great news . . . New Leaf Acupuncture’s Rathfarnham clinic opened today. We are looking forward to serving the Rathfarnham and nearby communities. The practice is at 50 Marian Rd where Dr Claire McNicholas’ surgery, Barry Kirwan Physical Therapy and Mitzie Murphy Psychotherapy are also located.

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