New Leaf Acupuncture treatment fees

€65 fee

The fee for one acupuncture treatment is €65. If you choose to have more than one treatment in the same week, the first treatment is €65 and any subsequent treatment that same week is €45. (Monday is the start of each week.) 


€45 FeeThe fee for the first treatment each week is €65. When you choose to have a second treatment in the same week (Mon – Fri), the fee for that second treatment is €45. (Choose only where you have already paid €65 for a treatment this same week – Mon-Fri.)


€345 FeeA prepaid course of six acupuncture treatments is €345 – a saving of €45. (This averages out to approximately €57 per treatment. There is no expiry date for this course of treatments.)

Payment Methods

In order to provide the safest environment for client and practitioner and to reduce shared touch points/surfaces in the clinic, you have the option of paying before your treatment with either of the following: 

  • By Credit\Debit Card via the links above
  • Revolut: click here

Cash payments are also accepted.

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are available for all treatments. Click here for details.


New Leaf Acupuncture Clinic, Dublin, is a member of the AFPA and ETCMA, and is fully insured. The following health insurance providers, amongst others, recognise our clinic and cover treatments: VHI Healthcare, Laya, Irish Life Health and HSF Health plan as well as ESB, Garda Medical Schemes, etc.

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