Acupuncture Pineapple for IVF Success

Does Pineapple Really Help with Embryo Implantation & IVF Success?

You may have heard of the benefits of eating pineapple to aid embryo implantation. But does pineapple really help you get and stay pregnant during an IVF cycle?

Well, while there are no peer-reviewed medical studies that link pineapple consumption to IVF outcomes, there are a few logical and plausible ideas as to what pineapple’s got that might in fact help.

The idea is to use a whole pineapple portioned in the following way:

For IVF cycle: one pineapple core, divided into 5 portions – consume one portion each day, over five days, beginning on the day of your embryo transfer.

Natural cycle: one pineapple core , divided into 5 portions – consume one portion each day, over five days, beginning on the day after ovulation.

The main nutrient in pineapple that may contribute to this effect is bromelain.  Bromelain is an enzyme, meaning it helps certain reactions take place in the body. When taken with food, bromelain helps us break down and digest our food. When taken on an empty stomach, bromelain has some other effects on the body:

It acts as a blood thinner and anticoagulant

Like aspirin, bromelain can increase blood flow to the uterus via its action as a blood thinner and anticoagulant. It is also thought that using a blood thinner like aspirin can help women who have had repeat miscarriages, especially if they are also positive for phospholipid antibodies.

Bromelain acts as an anti-inflammatory agent

Conception and implantation require an intricate shift in the immune system, specifically a shift from TH1 immune cells to TH2. Basically, this means that conception requires an anti-inflammatory shift. It is possible that bromelain helps with this shift which allows implantation to occur. If you’re a little nerdy like me and want to see a study that looks at bromelain and immune cells, check out this abstract.

Bromelain Capsules

Note: In lieu of eating pineapple with the core around embryo implantation, some choose to supplement with Bromelain. Check with your local health store.

I mention to all my patients to eat Pineapple prior to their IVF Cycle and Natural Fertility! I have found it to contribute to positive pregnancies!

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