Stress, Anxiety, and Depression: How Acupuncture Helps

How Chronic Stress Contributes to Anxiety and Depression Stress is a way of life for many people these days.  When we experience a thought or an event that we perceive as stressful, our bodies begin producing hormones and neurotransmitters designed to help us respond to the stressful situation by engaging in a conflict or fleeing.  This is referred to as [...]

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Open Through Level 5

As our service has been deemed essential, New Leaf Acupuncture Clinic will remain open as usual through Level 5. We are now available to schedule new appointments. If you would like an appointment, please call on 087 2632732, email info@newleaf.ie or use our online contact form. CONTACT US   Happy New Year, Niall

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The Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea (And Why You Should Be Drinking It)

The Benefits of Raspberry Leaf Tea for Pregnancy and Before Many of my clients at New Leaf Acupuncture Clinic, Dublin, are pregnant or are looking to conceive soon. I wanted to post something about the interesting benefits of raspberry leaf tea and how it helps women before and during this journey. Because raspberry leaf tea is naturally high in magnesium, [...]

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Top Tips for Happy Hormones

Top Tips for Happy Hormones At New Leaf Acupuncture Dublin, I am working more and more with people to balance their hormones in a natural way. That is, through a healthy diet of traditional food, with food supplements and by offering lifestyle advice. Here I’ve put together my Top 9 Tips for Happy Hormones. But first, let’s look at the [...]

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How Weight Affects Fertility

Fertility, Weight & Exercise Even though weight is the variable about which least is known, it is worth mentioning that having regular workouts is believed to help fertility. A study in Obstetrics & Gynecology concluded that women who exercised 30 minutes or more daily had a reduced risk of infertility due to ovulation disorders. On the other hand, some data links too much [...]

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Treating The Problem – Not The Symptoms

Picture this:  A person goes to see their family doctor for a pain syndrome.  The doctor tells the patient that early pain is a warning sign but that significant pain warrants taking an analgesic to kill it. Unfortunately we all too quickly accept this as good advice. If the same patient were to relay this story to their acupuncturist, the [...]

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Stressed? Take a Break to Read This

  At New Leaf Acupuncture in Dublin, I estimate 60-70% of all visits have for stress-related issues - ranging from back pain to infertility and insomnia. So what's going on? There are fun and easy things you can do to de-stress during your lunch-time. Tens of thousands of people experience stress every year, very often [...]

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