Acupuncture for Breech Presentation

Acupuncture has high success rates in turning a breech baby or malposition.

Complete breech — baby sitting on heels
Footling breech — feet first
Frank breech — bottom first, with feet up by head

These gentle treatments are usually most effective from Week 33-36 but have in some cases been effective as late as Week 39. Usually a combination of moxibustion (gentle, specific heat application) and acupuncture is performed to help move the baby into the best possible position for birth.

The Treatment for Breech Presentation

At New Leaf Acupuncture, Dublin, we offer this treatment to the mother lying on her side. Occasionally we place 3 or 4 fine Japanese acupuncture needles at strategic points. We then use moxa – made from an herb, mugwort, that is formed into a stick that looks like a cigar. We hold the smouldering end of the moxa stick above an acupuncture point, close to the nail bed of the little toe.

This treatment continues over a week or two. At times, we may ask you to continue to do this for 15 minutes twice a day at home, and we give you moxa sticks to take home so that you or your partner can do this. The feeling is one of relaxing, gentle warmth and should not feel too hot or burn you.

How Acupuncture for Breech Presentation Works

The treatment creates a bit more space in the uterus which the baby can use to turn if she feels like it. During the treatment Moms tell us that their baby is moving a lot more than usual as they react to the sensation of having more space.


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