Acupuncture for Induction of Labour

Acupuncture is used successfully to help induce a baby if the baby has gone over its due date, or if it is likely to. This treatment, which uses point in the legs and hands rather than the abdomen, is often used as a highly effective alternative to a medical induction (88% success rate, according to recent research).

At New Leaf Acupuncture, Dublin, where we receive referrals from many maternity hospital midwives, we advise that, if your baby is overdue, it is best to start the induction treatments as soon as possible (Week 40). We recommend a treatment every second day until delivery. Delivery can be prompt.

Acupuncture prior to Medical Induction

However, if a medical induction is scheduled, women who have had acupuncture will respond more favourably to that intervention and usually can avoid that intervention entirely.

Acupuncture treatment is best started two or three, or even four, days before the procedure. It is typical that our patients will go into labour naturally the day before the scheduled chemical (medical) induction.

Hi Niall, Alma was born yesterday, on my birthday, and she is gorgeous! I went into labour just before the scheduled induction on Monday. 🙂 Just the way you predicted! Thank you for the induction treatment and all your help! Eva  – 13/Aug/2013

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