Acupuncture for Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

At New Leaf Acupuncture, Dublin, we offer a gentle treatment for morning sickness using fine Japanese acupuncture needles. The treatment is entirely safe to the pregnancy and generally the morning sickness will resolve during the acupuncture treatment but can take a little longer in more severe cases (hyperemesis gravidarum). Dietary advice is also offered.

Nausea and vomiting are commonly experienced by women in early pregnancy. The symptoms are most common in the first trimester but can continue to 20 weeks and, in some cases, longer. Morning sickness usually occurs because of the massive change in hormones although fatigue, stress or emotional factors can also contribute.

During the early stage of pregnancy, significant energetic changes are going on in the body and acupuncture can help at that energetic level – so the nausea subsides, vomiting (if present) or belching fades away, the sense of smell becomes manageable, and energy and emotions return to balance, so that mum to be to enjoys her pregnancy.

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